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The Journey collection by Thomas Mason offers innovative fabrics ideal for a shirt that looks fresh and smooth all day long, even after being packed at length in a suitcase. Thanks to an innovative finishing, these fabrics are resistant to creasing and crumpling, and require no special care to maintain a fresh appearance., Popeline fabric with double-twisted yarn, its light weight makes it suitable for luxurious but comfortable shirts, Downing, the Prime Ministerial Street in Westminster, appropriately lends its name to a series of powerful and business-like stripes in 120/2 warp and 70/1 weft, with a luminous appearance and a soft and full-bodied handle. Downing is characterised by pure monochromatic stripes in vibrant colours which strike a perfect balance between strength and refinement., Mayfair is distinguished by its well-defined pattern due to the use of 120/2 yarn in the warp and100/1 in the weft, which set off the colour tones. With its smooth hand, this fabric is suitable for producing shirts.

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