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The urge to get together to celebrate and share important emotional moments of our lives has never been stronger, and is giving rise to many new ideas. By day or night, dressing up is back, with a new impetus for dressing up for the occasion. Whether you're looking for an outfit for a wedding reception, an evening on the town or a date night, every pretext is good for choosing a special suit.

The collection gives full flight to the imagination of House of Dormeuil, resulting in innovative fabrics with shimmers of gold, silver or platinum. These create technically colourful evening wear with exquisite understated details to help you navigate big occasions or sunny days with ease, on a tide of poise and charm.

Sophisticated wool and silk jacquards with unique nuanced design details make this imaginative collection a must for the return to the social scene and key events. With this collection, you can at last enjoy the freedom to dress well and feel at home in every scenario.

A palette of sophisticated colours interpreted in wool and silk, together with vibrant-coloured corduroys gives Celebration by Dormeuil a real air of renewal, one could even say renaissance.

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