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As we transition into the colder months, we are thrilled to introduce the latest offerings from SCABAL, a brand synonymous with quality and elegance. As ever, exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design and a commitment to sustainable luxury are the principles that define SCABAL'S fabric collections this season. From the stretch-enabled luxury of MAGUS to the cozy warmth of AUTUMN LEAVES, let's delve into the exquisite detail and artistry behind each collection.

CONNECT: The Modern Paragon

CONNECT embodies the zeitgeist of modern life: always on-the-move yet making time for comfort. Textured fabrics with a knitted appearance—achieved through innovative weaving techniques—strike the balance between relaxation and formality. The collection navigates from robust trousers to soft, unconstructed jackets—proving that style, comfort and durability can coexist in one fabric.

Fabric swatches from Scabal's AW23 collection

MAGUS: The Alchemy of Stretch and Softness

MAGUS builds on the success of last season's WIZARD collection, offering super 160’s wool with an element of stretch created purely by weaving craftsmanship. Crafted with certified RWS wool, MAGUS includes 14 articles, featuring a gentle milled finish that lends a comforting touch to the colder months. With colours spanning from light cream to pure black, MAGUS is your go-to for classic winter ensembles.


ZEUS: The Overcoat Odyssey

ZEUS returns this season with a fresh perspective on overcoating, offering a multitude of choices in wool and cashmere blends. The collection introduces bold checks and traditional patterns in varying weights, topped off with a luxurious selection of pure cashmere articles. Colours venture beyond the expected, encompassing rich burgundies, warm browns, and military greens, making each choice a statement.

Fabric swatch from Scabal's ZEUS collection

ETON: The Epitome of English Elegance

The ETON collection has been given a seasonal refresh, maintaining its place as one of SCABAL's signature offerings. Crafted with Super 130’s wool, the ETON range embodies the essence of English tailoring. From traditional stripes and checks to delicate, modern tones, this expansive collection offers a broad spectrum of year-round sartorial choices. The colors are classically balanced in shades of greys and blues, ensuring timeless appeal.


MIRACLE: Handcrafted Grandeur

SCABAL has also reimagined MIRACLE, a luxurious yet practical collection of 100% Super 180's wool that emanates both subtlety and strength. The 4-ply, twill-based construction is robust yet surprisingly soft. Its subtle designs, including soft checks and shadow stripes, are rendered in traditional suiting shades of blues, greys, and blacks.


CHAMPION: Classic Meets Contemporary

CHAMPION captures the essence of traditional British suiting, with an added flair of stretch. The Super 120’s wool provides a soft touch while the semi-classic checks and subtle shadow stripes serve up a visual feast. The colour palette is surprisingly adventurous, featuring bright blues, soft greens, and autumnal browns and purples, ensuring you stand out in any setting.

Suit made from a fabric in Scabal's CHAMPION collection

HYBRID: The Best of Both Worlds

SCABAL's HYBRID concept continues its evolution. Each design comes as a pair—one dramatic, the other understated. Craft suits from a single fabric, or opt for a jacket and trouser combo. The mix-and-match potential is endless, giving you an adaptable and distinctive look.


AUTUMN LEAVES: The Fall Fantasia

Just as its name suggests, the AUTUMN LEAVES collection is a symphony of fall hues, woven in two chapters of wool with added cashmere and 100% Merino wool. Bold checks lead the way, with fancy patterns and striking plains following suit. The array of colours captures the richness of fall, featuring reds, browns, greens, and greys, bringing depth and character to your seasonal wardrobe.

Jackets made from fabric in Scabal's AUTUMN LEAVES collection

SCABAL's masterful ranges of fabric epitomise the pinnacle of artisan skill, technological prowess and conscious luxury. As always, MICHEL'S BESPOKE is your gateway to experiencing these extraordinary collections. Custom-tailored to fit your individual style and comfort, our garments crafted from SCABAL cloth offer a realm of sartorial excellence that is second to none. Elevate your personal collection with the versatile elegance and unmatched quality that is the hallmark of SCABAL's legacy.

Browse our online fabric library, then book an appointment with MICHEL'S BESPOKE to feel the fabric yourself and design outfits handmade from some of the world's finest cloth.

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