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MUSKOKA MOTOR RALLY is an annual event benefiting EMERGENCY MEDICINE at the UHN FOUNDATION and the SOUTH MUSKOKA HOSPITAL FOUNDATION. In the first two years, MMR has raised $1.2 MILLION for Emergency Medicine in Ontario.

MICHEL’S BESPOKE has been a proud sponsor of MUSKOKA MOTOR RALLY (MMR) since its inaugural summer event in 2020. This year, MICHEL'S BESPOKE is pleased to continue that relationship with a donation of two $5,000.00 gift cards — one for the rally runner-up, and another for the MMR SILENT AUCTION. Winners of these prizes will be invited to experience MICHEL’S BESPOKE craftsmanship at either our UPTOWN ATELIER or DOWNTOWN SHOWROOM. Recipients will be entitled to $5,000.00 of bespoke clothing, crafted to their individual specification, including design, fabric and fit — the ultimate bespoke experience.

MMR proceeds go toward UHN's $28.5M campaign to build the RAPID ASSESSMENT CENTER (RAC), which is a mere $800,000 away from achieving its fundraising goal.

The 9,500 square foot RAC will be dedicated to rapid assessment of patients who visit the Emergency Department in stable condition or with less severe health issues. The RAC will move patients out of the crowded ED, so that patients aren't treated in the hallway when hospital rooms are full ("hallway medicine"), while reducing wait times.

MMR proceeds will also help fund the SOUTH MUSKOKA HOSPITAL Foundation's ED equipment additions and improvements:


one of the simplest and fastest tests used to evaluate the heart to check for signs of heart disease


for the trauma room. This will keep patients with infectious illnesses, or patients who are susceptible to infections from others, away from other patients, visitors and healthcare staff.


dedicated emergency cart used to quickly ensure rapid access to difficult airway equipment


delivers anesthesia to patients as they undergo a medical procedure


a noninvasive portable tool for diagnosing, managing and treating urinary outflow dysfunction

MMR is a unique and exciting driving event that provides an opportunity to support two leading institutions in healthcare. The car rally scavenger hunt ends with a charming cocktail reception with hors d'oeuvre and a SILENT AUCTION.

The 2022 MMR SILENT AUCTION includes a number of exclusive and intriguing items, in addition to the $5,000 GIFT CARD from MICHEL'S BESPOKE:

A custom-made dress by Toronto based designer MAYA CHARBIN

Two pairs (listed separately, LOT 11 / LOT 12) of platinum seats for a mid-December Maple Leafs game

Explore these items and more on the MMR SILENT AUCTION site, and be sure to place your bids before 5:30pm on SATURDAY, JULY 30th. We encourage friends of MICHEL'S BESPOKE to participate in the MUSKOKA MOTOR RALLY to help raise funds for a very worthy cause.

Please email or contact JACKIE WACHSBERG at (416) 303-3706 with any questions.



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