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This July, MICHEL'S BESPOKE is pleased to support once again the Muskoka Motor Rally (MMR), an event that embodies our values of excellence and community. We are contributing a $10,000 gift card as a prize for this year's rally.

Founded by siblings Jackie, Daniel, and Andrew Wachsberg, MMR enhances emergency medicine services through the University Health Network (UHN) Foundation and the South Muskoka Hospital Foundation (SMHF). Since its inception in 2020, MMR has become a key event in the charitable landscape, particularly in emergency medicine.

The Wachsberg family's initiative has raised substantial funds, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. Starting with a goal of $250K in 2020, they exceeded expectations, raising over half a million dollars. Their dedication is inspiring, and we are proud to support their mission as they aim to raise $1 million this year. The rally is dedicated to their grandfather, Louis Wachsberg, whose legacy of community and compassion inspires MMR's mission.

Muskoka Motor Rally co-founders Daniel Wachsberg, Jackie Wachsberg, and Andrew Wachsberg
Muskoka Motor Rally co-founders Daniel Wachsberg, Jackie Wachsberg, and Andrew Wachsberg

The Muskoka Motor Rally is an exhilarating driving event and a beacon of hope for emergency medical services. This clue-based rally offers an exciting experience for participants while benefiting two leading healthcare institutions. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Muskoka Bay Resort, the event culminates in a cocktail reception with a silent auction and renowned medical guest speakers. This blend of adventure, community, and philanthropy is why MICHEL'S BESPOKE is eager to be involved. Rally and reception experiences are available to those wishing to join this impactful event, with details accessible on the MMR ticketing and donation website.

The event will support critical areas of emergency medicine. The UHN Foundation will focus on staff wellness training, simulation equipment upgrades, and enhancing rare skills sessions, maintaining UHN's high standards of care and innovation. The SMHF will direct funds towards vital equipment acquisition, including infant warmers, bladder scanners, and hematology tools. These contributions are investments in the lives and well-being of patients.

Join us on Sunday, July 28th at Muskoka Bay Resort for an afternoon of excitement, camaraderie, and philanthropy. Together, we can drive change and support the exceptional healthcare services our communities rely on. Let’s make MMR 2024 a milestone in the journey towards better healthcare for all.

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