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The meticulous curation of fabrics is more than just a sartorial choice—it’s an affirmation of your vision and values. At MICHEL'S BESPOKE, we’re thrilled to enrich your sartorial palette with the latest seasonal offerings from our esteemed supplier, DORMEUIL.

15 POINT 7: Redefining Luxury Performance

With the 15 POINT 7 collection, DORMEUIL astoundingly elevates the baseline of luxury fabric. Crafted from the ultra-fine wool of New Zealand Merino sheep, the collection speaks in the language of superlatives: ultra-fine yarn, ultra-lightweight fabric, and an ultra-dense weave.

Fabric from DORMEUIL'S 15 POINT 7 collection

Featuring designs with 4-ply construction and a nanotech finish, these fabrics offer unparalleled water & stain resistance, and crease resilience. Whether you're stepping out in a sharp suit or a modern jacket, 15 POINT 7 promises not just style but dimensional stability and drape that stands the test of time.


FOREVER GREEN: A Testament to Sustainable Elegance

For the conscious connoisseur, FOREVER GREEN melds the finest wool with sustainable natural fibres like bamboo, cotton, silk, and linen. This jacketing collection reflects Dormeuil's steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility, and ensures your tailored pieces are as kind to the planet as they are flattering to your figure. These contemporary luxury jacketings are presented alongside coordinating corduroys, showcasing their versatility of the designs and evoking the sensations of the season.


MILLENNIAL GENESIS: Where Elegance Meets Ethics

Building on the celebrated roots of last season's MILLENNIAL collection, MILLENNIAL GENESIS unfolds as a tapestry of not just elegance, but also ethical sourcing. Composed entirely of 100% RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified wool, this collection stands as a tribute to DORMEUIL's unflinching commitment to environmental responsibility and luxury.


Going beyond the norm, MILLENNIAL GENESIS presents a smorgasbord of visual delight—from colourful plains to nuanced semi-plains. This collection is not simply about choice but about a world of possibilities. Whether you're drawn to the saturated richness achieved by over-dyes or contemplating between the texture of prunelle and the simplicity of plain weave, each fabric is a journey into both style and conscience.


DORMEUIL's rich legacy in the textile industry manifests itself through its meticulously crafted, luxurious fabric collections that strike a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Garment's made from DORMEUIL cloth represent over a century of textile mastery. Partnering with MICHEL'S BESPOKE allows you the unparalleled experience of bringing these esteemed fabrics into your personal wardrobe, customised to your unique sartorial preferences. Experience the best in luxury and comfort, tailored just for you.

Browse our online fabric library, then book an appointment with MICHEL'S BESPOKE to feel the fabric yourself and design outfits handmade from some of the world's finest cloth.

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