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In this instalment of our Spring-Summer 2023 fabric series, we are thrilled to showcase the magnificent collections of ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA, a name synonymous with luxury, quality, and innovation in the textile industry. With a rich heritage spanning over a century, this esteemed Italian company has been run by four generations of the ZEGNA family, who have dedicated themselves to "balancing science with nature and craftsmanship with technology."

We will explore seven distinct collections that embody ZEGNA's devotion to artisanship, environmental responsibility, and elegance, including the versatile TRAVELLER, the sophisticated HIGH PERFORMANCE, the charming BIELMONTE and the unique JERSEY collections. Join us as we celebrate the exceptional materials that make MICHEL'S BESPOKE garments truly extraordinary and enhance your style.


Elevate your summer wardrobe with the TESSITURA DI NOVARA collection, a testament to the ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA's commitment to quality and innovation. Following their acquisition of the esteemed silk weaving company TESSITURA DI NOVARA, this collection showcases a variety of refined silk and mixed silk fabrics, offering versatility from structured blazers to high-twist suits. Each piece is meticulously designed for the discerning individual who seeks unique and exclusive qualities. Patterns in this collection include Prince of Wales checks, windowpane checks, herringbones, and stripes. The fabrics are expertly crafted from a blend of 76% wool and 24% silk, with the exception of the herringbones, which also incorporate linen. Experience the perfect fusion of style and comfort with this luxurious collection that embodies the spirit of summer.


Designed for those who demand both style and convenience, the TRAVELLER collection provides crease-resistant materials that naturally and perfectly recover their original shape, ensuring a polished appearance even after extended wear.

The new summer instalment of the TRAVELLER collection features compact yarns, resulting in smooth, clean, and compact surfaces that are ideal for those constantly on the move, requiring the utmost in comfort and adaptability from their suits. Crafted from superfine Merino wools, these crisp and resilient fabrics undergo high tension twisting and specialised finishes, guaranteeing rapid recovery after use.


The 15MILMIL15 collection by ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA epitomises the perfect marriage of refined luxury and expert craftsmanship. The name 15MILMIL15 signifies the extraordinary 15-micron thickness of the wool fibres, which are sourced from the long, soft fibres of the best Australian Merino breeds. This ensures that the fabric is exceptionally fine, precious, and luxurious. The result is a soft, indulgent touch and an exquisite drape, elevating the wearer's experience and providing unmatched sophistication and comfort.

Featuring a range of intricate micro-checks, classic Prince of Wales checks, and timeless stripes, each piece within the 15milmil15 collection is crafted from 100% Superfine Australian wool. This collection showcases the unrivalled quality and elegance that ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA is known for, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury in their wardrobe.


The CROSS-PLY collection from ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA presents a luxurious fusion of the finest wool, linen, and silk, resulting in a range of exceptionally fine and high-quality fabrics. The incorporation of linen, an ideal fibre for warmer seasons, adds a dynamic element to the fabric, which enhances its appeal and suitability for elegant, soft, cool, and lightweight suits and jackets.

This fashionable, youthful collection is perfect for those seeking stylish, comfortable summer garments. Utilising expertly blended melanges and very fine fabric grains, the CROSS-PLY collection offers refined and fresh patterns and melanges to refresh your summer style.


Named after a mountain in the Oasi Zegna—ZEGNA'S 100 km² reforestation project in Northern Italy—the BIELMONTE collection showcases an authentic fabric created from the wool of native sheep that inhabit the region, blended with 10% silk. These distinctive, snappy, and brightly coloured wools are transformed into compact fabrics that exude unmistakable charm and character.

As a limited production, the BIELMONTE collection represents a unique offering made from wools that were not otherwise used in the industry. This gives the collection an exclusive appeal for those seeking something truly special and eco-conscious. Embrace the captivating allure of the BIELMONTE collection and enrich your clothing collection with ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA's dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability.


The HIGH PERFORMANCE collection embodies innovation, research, and the latest in textile technology to provide the utmost in comfort and elegance. Crafted from 16-micron 100% Superfine Australian Wool, selected through ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA's rigorous standards, these fabrics offer a luxurious touch and outstanding moisture-wicking properties for optimal comfort even on warmer days.

These double-twisted fabrics boast a remarkable natural stretch, crease resistance and recovery, while the unique natural comfort treatment further enhances the fabric's stretch performance without the use of elastomers. The collection utilises chrome-free wool dyeing in alignment with environmentally sustainable practices, as well as Cool Effect technology, which provides milder temperatures for the wearer.


Following the acquisition of DONDI JERSEY a leading company in the luxury knitwear industry, ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA presents the JERSEY collection, catering to the growing global trend for versatile, comfortable, and informal garments while maintaining a polished and refined aesthetic.

The JERSEY fabrics are compact, providing natural elasticity and recovery capacity, making them ideal for crafting highly comfortable jackets that effortlessly adapt to your every movement. With a selection of micro-dots, Prince of Wales checks, checks, stripes, and solids, this collection offers a variety of styles and textures to suit any wardrobe.

Available in a range of luxurious blends such as silk-wool and linen-cotton blends, the JERSEY collection demonstrates ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA's commitment to providing unique, high-quality materials that seamlessly blend casual comfort with timeless elegance.


ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA's diverse and luxurious fabric collections cater to a variety of tastes and preferences while showcasing the values of exceptional craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability.With MICHEL'S BESPOKE, you can experience the finest these collections have to offer, tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Embrace the allure of ZEGNA's materials and elevate your wardrobe with unparalleled sophistication and comfort.

Explore the portfolio, browse the swatches, or book an appointment with MICHEL'S BESPOKE to feel the fabric yourself and design outfits handmade from some of the world's finest cloth.





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