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Chic is not limited to what you wear, but extends to the atmosphere you create. That's why we are proud of our collaboration with KANDL ARTISTIQUE, who shares our dedication to craftsmanship and the finer details of life. Together, we have created MICHO by KANDL, a luxurious candle that embodies the beau monde and brings and air of sophistication to any space.

Much like the development of a personal style, the process of capturing a scent's perfect essence is a journey. In the case of the MICHO candle, it was a journey of creativity, friendship, and meticulous attention to detail. This beautifully crafted piece is the result of a unique collaboration between two Toronto companies: MICHEL'S BESPOKE, a premiere bespoke clothier, and KANDL ARTISTIQUE, an artisanal candle boutique, helmed by WILLIAM CHENG – the mastermind behind Michelin starred restaurants SUSHI MASAKI SAITO & SHOUSHIN.

WILLIAM CHENG in MICHEL'S BESPOKE. Photos courtesy of The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star.

This collaboration, years in the making, was born from a longstanding friendship between MICHEL'S BESPOKE founder MICHEL KARKAR and CHENG. Both seasoned veterans in catering to the evolving luxury tastes of Canadians, they had forged a relationship anchored in shared values of craftsmanship, quality, and the unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

The spark that ignited the partnership between the two brands came from PAUL DI PALMA, the Creative Director at MICHEL'S BESPOKE. He saw an opportunity to enhance the newly launched MICHEL'S BESPOKE Downtown Showroom, a space he had fashioned to function as both an inviting live-work environment and a hub for discerning fashion connoisseurs. The showroom was designed with an eye for versatility, to accommodate fittings, fabric selection and dressing alongside DI PALMA's living amenities. Custom cabinetry, a cleverly implemented sliding partition that turned the kitchen into a dressing room, and a frosted glass door diffusing the perfect amount of sunlight into the cosy upstairs lounge, all worked harmoniously to create an atmosphere of subtle sophistication.

Despite the showroom being meticulously curated — from tailored music playlists, curated art and custom furnishing all from local friends, collaborators and clients — there was one critical element that was elusive: scent. DI PALMA had tried an array of aroma-enhancing methods, including various candles, incense, and ionising diffusers. But none of these quite captured the signature ambience he envisioned for the space. This realisation led him to propose a collaboration to CHENG, seeking a more personalised and distinctive scent to truly complete his vision for the showroom.

DI PALMA and CHENG embarked on this journey together with MICHAEL CARBY, a master of olfactory artistry perhaps best known for CARBY MUSK, his candle collaboration with DRAKE. CARBY is not just a perfumer but a scent alchemist. His talent for understanding and manipulating the complex language of aroma guided the process of the candle's creation. CARBY and DI PALMA carefully tweaked and adjusted the elements of the scent through a series of compositions which were trialed at the MICHEL'S BESPOKE showroom and atelier. As with the creation of CARBY MUSK, detailed in a fascinating Globe and Mail profile, the process took months of iteration and refinement.

Together, they curated a rich blend of spicy gardenia, zesty orange citrus, and mysterious oriental woods, highlighted with a hint of fresh, crystalline sea. With a blend of creativity, scientific analysis, and iterative refinement, Carby's unique expertise was instrumental in the creation of the MICHO candle. This careful process ensured that the final product is more than just a pleasing scent; it is an olfactory experience that encapsulated the essence of MICHEL'S BESPOKE.

This hand-poured soy wax candle is a sensory tribute to the beau monde, and it now infuses the air throughout MICHEL'S BESPOKE. It's the perfect balance between invigorating and warming notes, making it an excellent addition when hosting guests, or diving into creative work at your home office or studio. Encased in a chic, hand-blown blue-glass vessel, the candle is not only an object of beauty, but it is a captivating aroma that elevates any space.

The MICHO candle is a testimony to MICHEL'S BESPOKE and KANDL's commitment to high quality and an exceptional eye for detail. A symbol of shared values and a successful collaboration, the MICHO candle truly embodies the magic that happens when creative minds meet.

Art for MICHO by KANDL packaging by MELANIE KEAY

Whether you are a connoisseur of fine fragrances or simply love the intimate allure of a luxurious candle, the MICHO candle stands as a testament to MICHEL'S BESPOKE's and KANDL's shared passion for craftsmanship, style, and scent. Each flicker and whiff promises to be an rewarding sensory experience, as unique as the journey of its creation.

Available now online and in-store at MICHEL'S BESPOKE and KANDL ARTISTIQUE, the MICHO candle makes for a handsome gift or a personal indulgence. Guests of MICHEL'S BESPOKE are invited to use code "MICHELSBESPOKE" at to receive 10% off purchases. Let the MICHO by KANDL transform your space and create an atmosphere of chic comfort, reflecting the refined world of MICHEL'S BESPOKE.



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