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The utilitarian SAFARI SUIT originated in the late nineteenth century, introduced by the British military touring the tropics as the pragmatic uniform of choice. 150 years later, the quintessential SAFARI SUIT- known for its crisp drill cotton, patch pockets, horn buttons, epaulets, and waist belt- still prevails.

Adopted and adapted as de rigueur by men of privilege throughout the years, the SAFARI SUIT is associated with the likes of Teddy Roosevelt – who endorsed the cult of the heroic outdoorsman in the early 20th century; ur–adventurous manly-man, Ernest Hemingway; 20th century Hollywood stars, Clark Gable to Grace Kelly; and the late Yves Saint Laurent, who brought Safari-chic to the Parisian runways in the latter half of the 1900s. Today, the SAFARI SUIT remains a sensible choice for safari-goers and outdoor enthusiast of all stripes.

This Spring/Summer 2022 season, MICHEL'S BESPOKE is exploring the various ways discerning individuals can adapt the handsome SAFARI SUIT to navigate the concrete jungle...

A custom SAFARI SUIT consists of a uniquely styled casual jacket and a pair of trousers, which can be worn together or separately. These pieces can be made to offer a more relaxed/unstructured silhouette, or a chic classy appeal — depending how you choose to customise and style the garments. As with every bespoke garment, the SAFARI SUIT has potential for countless variations. Customisable details include the belt, waistline, snaps, pockets, fabrics, colour selection, cut and style.

Explore the endless possibilities with MICHEL'S BESPOKE. We invite you to experience the SAFARI SUIT by private appointment at our Downtown Showroom or Uptown Atelier.



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