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Premium Alpaca Fibres in Captivating Shades of Blue

Arequipa Blue is a tribute to the esteemed textile city of Arequipa, Peru, fostering a symbolic bond with Biella, the birthplace of Piacenza 1733. This exclusive fabric mirrors the rich blues of Arequipa's skies and the iconic walls of its revered Santa Catalina Monastery, which inspired the color palette of this exquisite cloth.

The unique fiber utilized in crafting Arequipa Blue originates from a select Peruvian farm, home to 2000 alpacas that roam freely across the wild Andean plateaus. This farm, nestled atop the Andean peaks, has formed an exclusive partnership with Piacenza 1733. Local communities collaborate closely to ensure the preservation of the animals' welfare, embodying a commitment to natural, sustainable, and ethically-sourced fibers.

Cutting-edge genetic research programs at the farm foster the creation of an exceptionally fine fiber, considered the finest among all alpacas. Arequipa Blue fabric is distinguished by its luxurious texture, warmth, silky smoothness, and feather-light weight, epitomizing the pinnacle of alpaca fiber quality. The traceable nature of every strand emphasizes the shared dedication towards ethical practices that honour both the animals and the broader community.

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