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As the name Dunes suggests, the inspiration for this collection of suit fabrics comes from the beauty of sand dunes in the desert. Fabrics created using the finest of Baby Camel worsted yarns. The idea is to offer a natural, all-season suit that is resilient and pleasant to wear, in a wide variety of colours ranging from natural camel tones to the more formal. The designs consist of plains and herringbones, tone-on-tone or with the flair of a Chambray, iridescent and in contrasts.

This is a suit fabric for those who want to wear something special, performant and versatile, ideal both for business as well as leisure events. The character of Baby Camel is dynamic, soft and lustrous, with a natural luxury providing finesse and comfort.

The extraordinary tradition of Lanificio F.lli Piacenza 1733 in the selection and processing of this fibre is the secret on which the creation of Dunes is based, probably the richest and most complete in the world of tailoring.

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