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A new innovation from Scabal, Connect is a contemporary range of fabrics designed with comfort and softness at its heart. The collection opens with a selection of textured fabrics, all with a knitted appearance and a soft feel, ideal to create the relaxed garments required for a busy modern life. Although they appear knitted, these fabrics are all traditionally woven, it is the skill of the weavers that create this alternative look and finish.

The superior stretch throughout the entire collection ensures that the fabrics are equally suitable for a soft unconstructed jacket as a robust and hard-working pair of trousers. The added stretch brings some crease resistance but more importantly ensures that garments return to their original shape each time they are worn.

The collection closes with a small range of plain fabrics which have a deliberately overconstructed finish, and when combined with the colour palette of browns, greens, camel, blues and greys gives them a very modern look.

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