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A new addition to the Scabal collections, Golden Gate is designed for the connoisseur of luxury who also loves colour.

Made in England at the Scabal mill, the collection is designed to work year-round and offers a concise selection of qualities and colours split into 4 chapters:

At the start we have 10 articles in 100% Cashmere twill at 280gm, this is followed by 6 additional cashmere articles in a plain weave at a lighter 200gm.

The 2nd half is made up of exquisite Super 180’s wool t in 2 weights, 7 shades at 240gm and 6 at the heavier 300gm both in a twill weave.

This is a reliable collection of plains with colours ranging from bold reds, greens and browns to the more traditional shades of blue and black.

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