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Lanificio F.lli Cerruti dal 1881 elevates the benchmark for luxury attire with the introduction of the Nobility Super 150's fabric collection. This exquisite range showcases the epitome of refined sophistication, seamlessly blending into an array of settings and offering endless opportunities to craft a personal style statement. The hallmark of these fabrics lies in their exceptional crease resistance, supreme comfort, and remarkable durability.

The resilience against creases is achieved through the use of ultra-fine 16 micron wool fibers, intricately twisted to ensure the fabric maintains its crispness and pristine condition over time.

Comfort is paramount, with a weaving technique that introduces natural elasticity, affording the wearer ease and unparalleled comfort.

Durability is unmatched, with the fabrics designed to return to their original shape and allure, even after being stowed away in luggage for extended periods.

The design inspiration for these fabrics is rooted in classical motifs, blending tradition with innovative craftsmanship to imbue each piece with a unique character that speaks to enduring elegance and beauty.

Choosing a piece from the Nobility collection represents a discerning investment in lasting style and quality, transcending transient trends to become a cornerstone of any wardrobe.

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