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The carefully curated design of the Yorkshire Rose collection provides endless inspiration, with something for everyone. Be subtle with timeless herringbones or opt for a bolder approach with bright, punchy Meltons.

The colour palette for this collection was inspired by the earth hues of the Yorkshire hills and its diverse display of local wild flowers. With 50 designs, from milk-ultra heavyweight fabrics using 100% natural fibres, this book has the perfect array of fabrics for your next overcoat this Autumn/Winter.

With a closely woven structure, the Yorkshire Rose collection provides great warmth, durability and a luxurious appearance. Woven and finished in Yorkshire, considered to be the home of wool and worsted textiles, these are fabrics of substance and time-honoured manufacturing.

When you choose a fabric from this collection, it is an investment for the future. The garment will last you decades if taken care of and may even be passed down to future generations.

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