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Are you au fait with the rules of tie fashion? Trick question - typically, no rules apply, rather your methodology is constructed through the lens of your niche. Are you someone who wants to make a statement but do so in a way that screams elegance? The kind of individual who caters to yard count or are you the trend driven individual that builds up their closet to follow GQs listings of what makes this seasons stand out man? Regardless, we have the updated looks of the season from the fabrication of ties to the patterns - both handsome and smart detailing.

And so we’re back. Back to the basics, a throwback to the infallible designs that constructed the groundwork of a proper look. An elegant man in his day and night armor. We are introducing the silk woven which is a technical weave, unique to traditional fabrications of ties available. The wool woven, a rare, coveted and luxurious selection.

As I thought through menswear’s exploration and the introduction of color and color blocking in 2016-2017, I felt relieved, possibly due to my infatuation of the callback to minimalist crisp lines and tones but also for the sophistication that winter fashion brings. There’s an elegance to tone on tone, solid shades and subtle patterns, which evoke a refined and classic overall appeal. Our ties are a 3” blade, a mid range to keep it modern and fresh.

Winter 2018-2019 has gravitated towards the layering aesthetic. Not layering for layering sake to stay warm but critically, fashionably, logically… Which tie can suit all jacketing, all occasions, the one that you reach for in your closet as you’re running to a meeting or to the holiday party, the same tie that will get you from daytime to evening. Layering patterns although simplistic can add a modern twist, for example a weave houndstooth is fully business, it’s a bold statement but also very traditional. A silk can carry you through business to evening and it adds a different dimension to the look. If you’re wearing a wool suit and you add a silk tie as a layer, the contrast is both complimentary and unique.

Lastly, I’d like to highlight my personal favourite of the collection – the cheetah print. As distinctive of a pattern as it is, the subtle nature of it is mesmerizing to the eye. The silk finishing intensifies the high fashion edge that the layering process gives to a look.



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