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No matter who you are or what you do for a living, the idea has most certainly crossed your mind about buying a suit this spring. Whether it’s because you’ve decided weekly date nights are a go this month or you’re elevating your office look, the polished aesthetic and sophistication of a suit is back. Better yet, the spring wardrobe particularly, is an easy one to invest in because the transitional ability spring pieces have across the seasons. The multidimensional styles allow you to emphasize them during summer and layer them during fall/winter easily. Michel’s Bespoke has an array of new fabrications to select from this spring however we want to highlight fabrics that also have the capability to be worn across seasons as well.

In the world of bespoke, we consider casual wear to be elevated, smart and handsome. The fabrics call attention for their perfect blends and tones to be worn for any occasion. The versatility birthed from these selections are your spring must haves! We want to create pieces for you that remind you of summer excellence while still maintaining fit and quality.

Browse the fabrics below that we have highlighted as this seasons go to’s and must haves.

Jackets - 15% silk 85% wool, light pattern, pinnacle of casual excellence. Must have 1 or 2 for summer and as they are worn over time they become more luxurious in term of fabrication. They can be worn/accessorized differently in the spring.

Jackets - 80% wool 20% linen, subtle print to keep movement in fabric. They can be worn with any pant ranging from denim to chinos.

Jackets – 20% silk 15% linen 65% wool, European summer vacation aesthetic. Can be worn with white cotton pants for a super luxe look. These fabrics can seamlessly carry you from breakfast, lunch or even styled for dinner.

Jackets – 50% silk 50% wool. To be worn for special occasions albeit on the beach - has the appearance of woven armor.

Jackets – 100% wool. A change up from linen/cotton is a pure wool light weight woven jacket. Plain earthy tones which can be mixed and matched well with spring/summer wardrobe. No wrinkle fabrication makes it the perfect items to pack with you.

Trouser/Jacket/Full Suit - 100% cotton. Luxury basic to the core, works well with salt water.

Trouser/Jacket/Full Suit - 100% cotton. Solids that are heavy enough for a trouser but light enough to wear for summer. This creates essential pieces that are versatile. The perfect spring/summer pant.

Trouser/Jacket/Full Suit - 55% wool 45% linen. Mix and match opportunity due to versatility. The wool gives it structure and the linen gives it breathability.



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