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Linen is one of the most ancient of textiles, dating back almost 10,000 years. Until the invention of the cotton gin in the 1700's, linen was widely used for undergarments as well as outerwear garments.

In ancient Egypt, linen was used to wrap pharaohs for mummification and for the burial shrouds of royalty. Linen has also been used as a form of currency.

Modern linen has a far brighter and more joyful application and MICHEL'S BESPOKE carries a new Naturals collection transforms the humble linen fiber.

Enhancing the desirable qualities of linen whilst mitigating the undesirable, Naturals adds wool to linen for light structure, breathability, moisture wicking and crease recovery — the perfect Spring and Summer staple.

Explore a variety of luxurious linen fabrics with MICHEL'S BESPOKE. BOOK ONLINE for a private appointment at our Uptown Atelier or Downtown Showroom.



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