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It goes without saying today that garments bearing the Made in Italy label have become synonymous with luxury. The same goes for its fabrics. So, what makes Made in Italy fabrics so special?

The 4 essential components of a fabric are its design, yarn quality, weave and most importantly, its finish. Italian fabric mills have come to master all four dimensions thanks to a centuries-long combination of geographic advantage, fashion culture and creativity.

Italy is located right below the Alps. The picturesque northern regions of the country are riddled with streams and lakes filled with the crystalline water of the mountains, which are ideal for finishing fabrics. The most reputable spot in this region is the small town of Biella.

Biellese mills are able to finish their fabrics using natural Alpine spring water, which brings out the best in the yarn qualities and makes them some of the finest and most unique textures in the world. The quality of the water also allows the fabric to retain its colors more vividly during the dying process. There is arguably no better place in the world to produce luxury fabrics than the North of Italy.

Biella’s fabric mills also rose to prominence thanks to the town’s proximity to one of the world’s leading fashion capitals, Milan, situated just sixty miles south. Having been a cultural melting pot and artistic hub for centuries already, and home to some of history’s most renowned painters and artists, Milan has always been brimming with originality and innovation. The city’s rich history and artistry have produced some of the world’s most reputable fashion houses and led Italy to the forefront of modern fashion.

This very spirit of creativity, combined with Biella’s superior fabric-making capabilities has come to shape the truly unique designs and premium quality of Italian fabrics and elevated the mills of Biella to their well-deserved designer status in brand luxury.

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