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THE OUTFIT, an upcoming film about a master tailor in Chicago’s gangster underworld, is set to premiere next month. We’re looking forward to it not only because we love to see our chosen craft in the spotlight, but also because of the period costume design it promises to deliver.

Celebrated English theatre and film actor MARK RYLANCE plays the part of a master tailor who has fallen on hard times. We recognize RYLANCE from BRIDGE OF SPIES and DUNKIRK, but you may also recognize him from THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7, DON'T LOOK UP, or—if you can recognize him under a layer of motion-capture CGI—The BFG. RYLANCE has won both the Academy Award and BAFTA Award for previous performances, and has been knighted by The Queen.

Also included in the credits for The Outfit is co-writer Graham Moore and director Morten Tyldum. It seems Moore and Tyldum have an eye for period detail, as they also collaborated on The Imitation Game, a drama set in World War II era London. That film delivered on both drama and sartorial detail, and received a BAFTA nomination in the category of Best Costume Design.

The costume department for THE OUTFIT includes SOPHIE O’NIELL, who worked on the costumes in the last two instalments of the KINGSMAN franchise. In that action-packed franchise, Savile Row is not only referenced in the costuming, it also serves as the location of the secret headquarters for the Kingsman spy organization.

Given these connections and talent we are hopeful THE OUTFIT will deliver an impressive, suit-focused wardrobe. Whether it takes the approach of authentic period-correct suits, modernized period-inspired looks, or something in between is yet to be seen. For now, enjoy the trailer for a preview of the film, and perhaps a look behind-the-scenes of our age-old craft...



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