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Bespoke tailoring is all about capturing the finer details. Unlike a conventional business suit, your wedding outfit should express your personality, highlighting your charm and integrity.

It is a statement piece not only for your wedding day, but lives perpetually in the plethora of wedding photos as a representation of your love. Additionally, your wedding outfit is the pinnacle bespoke ensemble. The quality and style should remain long after your vows, and can be your goto choice for significant affairs.

When designing an outfit that is personal to you, decisions regarding colour, material and fit should not be restricted to retails' frivolous trends and limited availability. Personal touches - such as embroidered sentimental notes in the jacket's lining - should be limitless. These discrete details hold eternal value and can not be mass produced.

With a shift to non-conformity, the criterion of wedding attire has shifted. Grooms are deciding to consider their personality when styling themselves. A black tuxedo is not longer modus operandi. Grooms are choosing with fluidity to opt for a suit or evening jackets. Trousers sans tuxedo stripes or wide waistbands also prove a popular choice for grooms breaking with tradition. These fundamental differences may encourage for future wearability, or simply represents the groom more authentically.

while high-street brands have made advancements to their standardized fittings, our bodies are intricate. Your build, from unique curves, drops and proportions, are not considered in retail manufacturing. A bespoke tailored outfit undoubtedly refines and perfects your aesthetic, revealing and highlighting your best features. In addition, a bespoke tailor is able to manipulate waistlines, elongate legs, and create a round seat.

Designing a suit with a bespoke tailor begins with a private one-on-one consultation. A discussion about style, intention, cut, fabrication, and colour pallet dictates the construction of your unique garment. This individualized garment is inherently yours.

In addition to quality and fit, personalized service defines luxury. Bespoke services exemplify this, differing vastly from the nature of retail and e-commerce. It is an experience intended to surpass your expectations, ensuring satisfaction.

Your bespoke experience begins at either Michel's Bespoke Uptown Atelier or Downtown Showroom. With a relaxed, luxurious approach, you are given the space to enjoy at your pace. Initial measurements are taken, followed by a fitting, concluding with the final delivery. Every detail is accounted for after, from styling to accessories.



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