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The canvas of summer is set to be richly coloured with SCABAL's Spring/Summer 2024 collections, brought to life by MICHEL'S BESPOKE's expert tailoring. Within this curated selection lies a narrative of textures and tones, ready to be tailored into garments that speak of luxury and individual style. Step into a world where each fabric is a promise of elegance, every hue a reflection of the season's vibrant energy.

TAORMINA: Breezy Sophistication

Echoing the laid-back luxury of its namesake Sicilian resort, the TAORMINA collection returns with a colourful update designed for the relaxed yet discerning dresser. Leading the line-up are 9 articles combining wool, silk, and linen to deliver lightweight, breathable cloths with a touch of silk opulence. SCABAL's innovative incorporation of Bamboo Viscose in 11 articles introduces an unmatched depth and a soft, silky sheen that animates the fabrics. The palette traverses from spirited reds and blues to refined combinations of creams and browns, culminating in structured dark blue plains that redefine the modern blazer for the conservative palate.


MOSAIC: Summer Checks

MOSAIC manifests as a collection that truly feels like the essence of summer. Its jacketing fabrics are a symphony of checks, bursting with life and colour. Super 130’s wool delivers a practical yet beautiful dry hand feel, ideal for creating summer jackets that make a statement. The collection presents a spectrum of colour combinations where blues, greens, reds, and browns play hero roles or emerge as highlights within the check patterns, adding zest to the season's wardrobe.


GOLDEN GATE: Luxurious Versatility

Welcoming a new paradigm in luxury, the GOLDEN GATE collection is an ode to the colour-loving connoisseur. Proudly made in the Scabal mill in England, the collection spans across 4 chapters of quality and colour. From 100% cashmere twills to Super 180’s wools, the range in weights and weaves offers a solid foundation of plains from audacious reds and greens to timeless blues and blacks, designed to serve the sartorial needs of every season.


PURE LINEN: The Summer Staple

PURE LINEN is the cornerstone of summer tailoring, presenting a variety of weights and textures. It starts with 20 delavé articles of soft washed linen in colours that span the spectrum from exuberant reds to essential dark blues. Heavier weights at 260gm offer structure, while a select few at 400gm in classic linen hues serve as the summer's sartorial anchor.


CROSSOVER: Dynamic Pairings

CROSSOVER stands as the essential update for spring and summer wardrobes. This vibrant collection, built on the concept of pairing, presents fabrics that work in harmony, whether as individual pieces or mixed for a unique look. From soft pastels to intense tobacco and cobalt blues, these Super 130’s wool fabrics have a light, airy feel, perfect for personalizing your ensemble for every occasion.

Swatches of CROSSOVER fabric from SCABAL

SLEEK: The New Wave

Renewed for the season, the SLEEK collection is the epitome of contemporary summer elegance. Constructed from Super 150’s wool blended with silk, it promises a fabric that is both luxurious and feather-light. The colour narrative transitions from subtle pastels to richer tones of blue and grey, ideal for crafting suits and jackets that blend seamlessly into both professional and leisurely settings.


At MICHEL'S BESPOKE, we celebrate the art of personal tailoring with SCABAL's SS24 fabric collections, meticulously designed to weave your individual story into every thread.

Browse our online fabric library, then book an appointment with MICHEL'S BESPOKE to feel the fabric yourself and design outfits handmade from some of the world's finest cloth.

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