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This Spring 2022, MICHEL'S BESPOKE offers the season's finest and most innovative fabrics from Italy and the UK. The trend toward high performance clothing—expertly crafted for dynamic movement and styling versatility—is front and centre.

Our innovative new fabrics epitomize style, leisure and sophistication without compromise. Experience relaxed comfort with sartorial refinement, essential for discerning individuals.

Explore a sampling of our new fabric offerings below, based on the latest trends from the world's finest fabric houses.

  • CAPRI: bright and fancy and designed for those who want to stand out

  • SILVER CLOUD: the perfect balance between understated subtlety and surprising colour

  • NOBILITY: a considered collection of statement checks and vibrant plains

  • AMALFI: inspired by the feel of an Italian summer

  • IMAGE: one of our most versatile suiting collections

  • HAMPTONS: a tribute to the iconic American lifestyle in this legendary peninsula

  • LA CROISETTE: a luxury cloth for creating unmistakable style

  • IMPERIAL JADE: an exceptional fabric made from ultra-fine wool and jade gemstones

  • LOOP: a breathable, fresh, high-performance fabric, ideal for formal summer suits


Summer doesn't get any more glamorous than Capri, and this collection is the epitome of that feeling. Bright and fancy and designed for those who want to stand out, the Capri collection opens with a selection of fluorescents, which leads into a comprehensive rainbow of nearly 50 colours, all constructed from 100% wool in a year-round weight of 260gm.

The fabrics are woven in a plain weave, but the colour levels vary in intensity due to the different dyeing methods used to create the cloth. Some are piece-dyed, giving a consistent tone and rich depth, while others are combined with white yarn, resulting in a melange finish. This versatile collection can be used for suits, jackets and trousers.

Capri Collection fabric, shown in detail


Silver Cloud is a concise collection of suiting fabrics which has the perfect balance between understated subtlety and surprising colour. Constructed from 100% Super 120’s wool it feels fine and light, and its dry hand feel makes it perfect for suiting in the warmer months.

Designs are refined and tasteful. Checks, houndstooth, semi plains and shadow checks open the collection in shades of blues, greys and blacks.This leads into a rainbow of coloured plains. Purple, green, deep burgundy and rich browns all feature, ideal for more adventurous tastes.


The Nobility collection can be relied upon to add a touch of luxury and colour to any wardrobe. The combination of silk and wool produces an exquisite fabric which combines softness with a soft lustre that makes every cloth feel special.

Made in England, this refined collection is not for the faint hearted but for those who want to stand out and make the right kind of impression. This is a considered collection containing a combination of statement checks and vibrant plains. 

As you would expect for the season, colours of the checks are light and summery with bases of white, cream, rich blues and soft reds with complements of browns, pinks, greens and greys. Within the plain selection, colours are confident and bold: yellow, pink, turquoise and purple all feature.


Inspired by the feel of an Italian summer, Amalfi is a small collection of jacketing fabrics.

The collection falls into three chapters. The first is a capsule of checks where the combinations of wool, silk, cotton and linen create depth and texture throughout the fabrics. Colours are plentiful. Red, blues, greens and browns all feature, and are cleverly combined with pinks, blacks, greys and whites to give the fabrics a 3D feel.

The second chapter highlights a more classic aesthetic with its colour palette and the introduction of some luxury comfort options. These fabrics have a knitted appearance with a look of pique or herringbone, perfect for lightweight blazers, comfortable and easy to wear.

To close the collection, denim fabrics feature in a mid-blue and a black, ideal for creating a handsome casual jacket. As you might expect, this is no ordinary denim — silk has been added to the cotton, creating a luxurious fabric with a soft feel.


The Image collection is one of our most versatile suiting collections. Made from a superfine merino wool, the fabric is constructed in a prunelle twill. This enriches the weave and makes it very durable, while maintaining a very soft feel and a modern drape. This is classic suiting at its best.

In this rounded collection you will find a large assortment of stripes, glen checks, micro designs and shadow weaves. However, it’s within the checks that the prunelle weave is particularly effective and gives a more refined feel. New this season is a selection of delicate Solaro fabrics in warm browns. The Solaro has the effect of making the cloth appear golden when it catches the light.

The base colours are the suiting staples of blues, greys, browns and blacks but if you examine the designs closely, you will discover some unexpectedly bright shades which add a richness to the fabrics and give the collection a contemporary look.


The signature preppy style of the Hamptons Collection mixes elegance with eco consciousness. Conceived as a tribute to the iconic American lifestyle in this legendary peninsula, this collection evokes casual chic, fashioning a new vision for the future. One of the key features of this collection is the use of the environmentally responsible materials. The entire collection is designed around natural materials, taking into account environmental challenges both current and future. Fabrics are made of linen, organic cotton, traceable wool and recycled polyester, produced and executed with the utmost respect for nature. The collection offers endless takes on Hamptons styling for sun-kissed days and cooler evenings. For instance, a beautiful Patagonian wool and linen blend jacket makes the perfect partner for linen trousers. You’ll also find a wealth of plain and semi-plain jackets and a selection of 3D designs, along with deeper colour gradients and stronger colour accents.


The Croisette cruise collection takes its inspiration from the unending appeal of the Côte d’Azur. Croisette brings together all the elements for those who search after the fine art of living, seen as typically French. A Riviera lifestyle epitomised by driving in an open-top convertible in the sunshine, alongside an azure sea bordered by iconic mansions, enjoying events of international cultural significance at the Cannes film Festival. The comfort and versatility of Croisette is an inspired choice for any situation, with a drape and elegance that has obvious appeal to connoisseurs of fine fabrics. The luxurious blend of cashmere and silk is enhanced by subtle colour contrasts obtained from special dyes. Croisette is a luxury cloth for creating unmistakable style. A statement dinner suit will not go unnoticed, interpreted in colours created from an elegant palette in sophisticated tones.  

Detail of La Croisette fabric


The Imperial Jade collection debuts following years of development. Made using a first-of-its-kind process, Imperial Jade is an exceptional fabric made from ultra-fine wool and jade gemstones. This unique process produces subtleties never before seen in a cloth.

Jade has long been revered as a semi-precious gemstone with special significance. Woven into the superbly fine fabric that is Imperial Jade, it takes on a vibrant green hue with real depth. The inspiring boldness and beauty of the collection adds a layer of mystery, day or night. Jade green is used to stunning effect, featured in an innovative wool fabric whose comfort for the wearer underscores the unparalleled technical accomplishment of the collection. Imperial Jade is a fully traceable, animal welfare-friendly fabric. The pure wool in this fabric has Responsible Wool Standard certification, a guarantee that animals and their grazing lands are treated humanely and responsibly. This provides full transparency of the origins of the wool and its production.

Detail of Imperial Jade fabric


Loop is a breathable, fresh, high-performance fabric, ideal for producing formal summer suits. The collection conveys an ecological message, as it is produced using 100% sustainable, recycled Australian wool.

Book a private appointment at our Uptown Atelier or Downtown Showroom to explore the full selection of seasonal fabrics, sourced from the world's finest mills.



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