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A man wearing a jacket made from TAORMINA fabric from SCABAL

Dive into a world where each fabric tells a story of elegance, innovation, and summertime splendor. As MICHEL'S BESPOKE welcomes the warm breezes and vibrant energies of summer, we are delighted to showcase exquisite new fabric collections that define the season, from ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA, SCABAL, and DORMEUIL. Each collection, with its unique character and craftsmanship, offers an unparalleled sartorial journey through the textures and tones of summer.



A Legacy of Summer Sophistication

ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA's offerings are a testament to the brand's mastery over material and form. The SUMMER VIBES collection emphasizes the breezy, casual elegance of linen, perfect for both relaxed and refined looks. HIGH PERFORMANCE redefines comfort with fabrics engineered for style and ease, featuring 16-micron merino wools with Cool Effect technology. TROFEO continues to represent the pinnacle of luxury, weaving superfine wools into fabrics that combine silk-like feel with durability, ideal for timeless summer elegance.

Read our in-depth overview of Ermenegildo Zegna's Spring-Summer 2024 fabric collections or explore the Anteprima Album in full through our fabric library.



Vibrant Adventures

SCABAL delights with its vibrant SS24 collections, each articulating a distinct facet of summer style. TAORMINA, with its breezy sophistication, features wool, silk, and linen blends perfect for lightweight, breathable summer wear. MOSAIC introduces lively checks that pulse with the season's vitality, while GOLDEN GATE offers luxurious versatility through its array of fine wools and cashmere. The PURE LINEN and CROSSOVER collections further expand the narrative, offering everything from staple summer linens to dynamic pairings ideal for innovative wardrobe combinations.

Read our overview of Scabal's Spring-Summer 2024 fabric collections or explore each individual collection in full in our fabric library: Crossover / Golden Gate / Mosaic / Pure Linen / Sleek / Taormina / Cashmere Denim / Silver Shadow / The Royal.



A Spectrum of Summer Styles

This season, DORMEUIL once again captivates with its blend of timeless elegance and innovative design. The collections - LA CROISETTE, IMPERIAL JADE, and AMADEUS 365 - embody the leisurely luxury of summer. LA CROISETTE is inspired by the luminous French Riviera, offering fabrics that boast a blend of wool, cashmere, and silk in hues that capture the coastal charm. IMPERIAL JADE reflects the rich, mysterious allure of the jade stone with its textured finishes ideal for classic silhouettes. AMADEUS 365, known for its versatility and year-round appeal, continues to impress with its soft handle and refined English finish.

Read our preview of Scabal's Spring-Summer 2024 fabric collections or explore each collection in full in our fabric library: AMADEUS 365 / IMPERIAL JADE / LA CROISETTE / NATURALS.


As we curate these collections at MICHEL'S BESPOKE, we invite you to explore the nuances of each fabric, to feel the textures, and to see how they can enhance your personal style. Join us in celebrating the art of summer dressing, where your vision and our craftsmanship meet to create something truly extraordinary.

Explore, envision, and tailor your summer narrative with MICHEL'S BESPOKE. Book an appointment online or reach out to us via phone for immediate consultation.

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