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The Getaway Series

This Thursday's Issue of the Michel's Bespoke journal features three standout rental homes across the world. Travel Tastefully.


Shore Cottage, by Croft 103

A bold, barrel-shaped building, The Shore Cottage offers spectacular, constantly changing views of sea, sky and mountain. Here, the indoors and outdoors merge into one, with an open-plan kitchen and living space, and a large terrace separated by revealing glass doors. This rental property boasts a unique quality that is difficult to find nowadays: privacy. It is in Durness, Scotland, a remote seaside town at the northernmost tip of the United Kingdoms mainland, in the north-west Highlands. Although getting there may not be easy, your stay there will be.


Comporta Villa, by CoolnVintage

This four-bedroom, minimalists paradise is located in the small, secretive town of Comporta, Portugal. Along with the villa comes a custom-built, bright orange Land Rover Defender 90 reserved for use by guests to travel between the forested villa and the white sand beaches on the nearby coast. Comporta is a Portuguese beach town that is just an hour drive from Lisbon, making it the perfect weeklong getaway during a long-haul vacation or a quick weekend trip in between touring Europe’s capitols. With unspoiled waterfronts and access to a beautiful car, Comporta Villa makes for the ultimate vacation.


Hood Cliff Retreat, by Wittman Estes Architecture + Landscape

“The vision was a retreat where the family could be together and celebrate their passion for being outdoors and connect with the native flora and fauna of Hood Canal”, says a spokesperson for the architecture firm. This retreat is a well-known expression of the Wittman Estes building style coined ‘tactile modernism’. In the main cabin, the indoor-outdoor kitchen has a pass-through window that extends the interior counter-top into the outdoor concrete counter and built in wood barbecue. A main goal of the project is to connect the travel home’s family oriented clients to the sensation and physical experiences of the Puget sound ecosystem. The home is located on a canal-side plot on the civilian edge of the Olympic National Park, which is a stone’s throw from both Seattle and the Pacific Ocean.



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