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We believe in the beauty of individuality. Each bespoke garment we create is more than a piece of attire, but a unique expression of the person wearing it. Beyond the selection of fabric and the design of structural details, the application of custom embroidery provides subtle yet profound ways to further personalise and enhance that unique expression.

The most popular application of custom embroidery is the classic tradition of monogramming. A monogram is more than just a mark; it's a signature that imparts a personal touch, whispering your story. It's an eloquent accent that speaks to the world about who you are, your taste, your attention to detail, and your passion for personal style.

The subtle elegance of a monogram on a shirt cuff is a detail that often goes unnoticed—especially when applied in tone-on-tone thread—but when spotted, it speaks volumes about the wearer's appreciation for a customised experience. It becomes a point of pride, a symbol of personal investment in elegance and comfort.

At MICHEL'S BESPOKE, we take the application of custom embroidery a step further; the possibilities are as broad as your imagination. Your bespoke garment is a canvas for personal expression. Perhaps you'd like your full name elegantly scripted across the inner lining of your suit jacket, a discreet symbol or meaningful emblem adorning the shirt cuff, or even a cherished quote subtly placed beneath the jacket collar. Special occasions like weddings inspire unique requests, such as immortalising a date or a heartfelt message in the fabric, transforming your garment into a treasured memento.

This intimate form of personalisation extends to hidden narratives—private messages known only to you, or shared with just a few special people in your life. A name, a special date, or a symbol tucked under a jacket collar or discreetly inside the yoke of your shirt; these are personal details shared between you and your bespoke piece. They serve as a homage to a significant event, a sentimental gesture, or a quiet reminder of who you are.

The personal touch of custom embroidery can also be applied to accessories. Ties and suspenders can be adorned with your monogram or custom designs, enhancing their individuality and creating a piece that is uniquely yours in every aspect. The art of custom embroidery at MICHEL'S BESPOKE is about making every detail speak to who you are, adding layers of personal significance to your bespoke ensemble.

Custom embroidery on silk suspenders to commemorating the wedding date.

At MICHEL'S BESPOKE, the art of custom embroidery serves as a pathway to a deeper level of personalisation. From shirt cuffs to suspenders, ties to jackets, each piece holds the potential for self-expression. The individualised touch of embroidery further defines the bespoke experience. It's more than simply adding initials or symbols to a garment — it is a testament that every stitch and detail is crafted with one person in mind - you.

Make your mark, tell your story, and let's create clothing that not only fit perfectly but also carry your signature in every detail.



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