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It is quite challenging to fathom that Toronto’s ice-covered climate can do a 180 during the summer months. We transform, in the blink of an eye from freezing to melting. Between the humidity and sunny days of both work and leisure, you may find yourself browsing your closet with the daunting task at hand - dressing yourself for a humid day. Remaining a part of the gentlemen’s club of classy suit and sport jacket wearers, the discouragement heightens when the sun peaks through.

Do not be disheartened. There are a wide variety of options, regardless of the lack of choices you think you have currently eyeing your closet.

1. You’re Such a Light Weight

There are no standing laws insisting that your blazer must be constructed of a thick material in order to look sleek and refined. Always consider the weight of the fabric when making anything custom. When purchasing off-the-rack items, people do not typically check its fabrication and its weight measured in grams or ounces. Typically, fabric that weighs 200-300 grams is commonly worn year-round. I would recommend sticking to linen which is on the lighter side during the summer months. Styling a lighter weight blazer is key to this approach. During more cool days, accessorizing with a scarf can add layers to the look as well as in the winter months, layering can be done by wearing an overcoat.

2. Linen Light

Linen is a fabric enriched with summer essentials: lightweight, drape, high performance, and resistance. It is nearly effortless while still maintaining a luxurious fit. The fabric is typically known as a safe option in hot weather for both men and women. For all of you reading this – I challenge you to play up your wardrobes this summer by selecting a bright colored sports jacket to lighten up your summer fashion fits. Here’s a little help to get you started: an array of sky blue tones, muted yellows and even a sharp cranberry red is a fabulous starting point. A tip when selecting a dress shirt underneath – try linen on linen, a combo that works magically together for a summer vibe.

3. 99 Problems but Lining Ain’t One

Okay I may blow your mind right now, please take a seat for this, okay here it is...jackets without a lining exist! The option is almost never there off-the-rack. When customizing your jacket with Michel’s Bespoke, ask if the fabric you selected works appropriately unlined. Regardless of the season, some clients even appreciate a half-lined blazer for all year. A tip is to add patch pockets to an unlined jacket for a modern look.

Of course, it is inevitable that durability is not the same as being lined fully however when personally customized, our jackets are made to fit your particular body and the upkeep is similar. There are some compromises but it is an option that you should keep in mind.

Lastly, carry a handkerchief with you. Will this keep you cooler? No. However, it’s a class act and ultimately you’ll stand out as being the coolest individual in the room!

Linen fiber is lightweight and breathable making it the perfect ingredient for Summer fabrics designed for jackets as well as casual suits.



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